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Welcome to Introduction to computers,
it’s free and available 24/7 online anytime.   
This  Computer Overview Study is designed for you to comfortably learn or enhance your ability to use a computer at your own pace.  Upon completion of your study you will become more familiar with each part of the computer and more knowledgeable of how to use a computer with comfort and ease.  
To get started just point, click, follow the cursor and you’re on your way to a whole new computer learning experience.  
Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit this website.  

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No more cell phone contracts!

How to start your own business.

How to start a blog.

Sell it Yourself

Universal Portable Rechargeable Battery! Great for on the go. Stop hugging the wall!

Hacks on the Highway.

Training courses for PowerPoint 2013

Training courses for Word 2013

Training courses for Excel 2013

What's a Portable Document Format (PDF)

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