Some pointers on negotiations of salary:

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Let the interviewer bring up the salary question.
Discuss the salary range after an offer has been made. That way, you are negotiating as a new member of the team. If you are asking for a much higher salary than you make now, don't lie about that you are making or have made. 
When the employer has made a salary offer, keep quiet and think about it. 
Your silence may lead him to raise the offer.
(He will generally quote the lower end of the salary range) suitable for the job.  If the interviewer has indicated that you will not be considered for the job, you can ask him if there are or will be any other positions in the company for which you might be suited.  Or you can ask him if he knows of other companies in the area that are hiring people with your qualifications. 
If he says that there are or will be other openings within the company, ask when and to whom you should submit your resume and where you might find a job description. Be sure to ask if you might use his name as a referring agent.
If he says you will be called back, ask when to expect a call. Also, ask permission to call back if you have not heard within two weeks.