The Internet
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The Internet made up of millions of computers linked together around the world in such a way that information be sent from any computer to any other 24 hours a day.

These computers can be in homes, schools, universities, government departments, or businesses small and large.

They can be any type of computer and be single personal computers or workstations on a school or a company network.

You can stay up to date with news, sports, weather and any current affairs around the world with information updated daily, hourly or instantly.

You can listen to music, and watch digital movies, and download pictures.

You will be able to keep in touch and send things to colleagues and friends using electronic mail.

Hyperlinks allow you to move from page to page just by clicking on them with your mouse.

A web page you have visited and would like to revisit it later date. You can save location by clicking on the favorite button.

You can use your back button on your browser for moving back through web pages you have previously viewed, this help’s when you are viewing several links from one web page. You can also move forward through that same selection.

You could also use Go on the Menu Bar which contains a history list of all the pages you have visited. You can select a particular page without having to move through all the pages in-between.

If a web page is taking too long to load up you can use the stop button and try an alternate site. This sometimes happens if there are graphics on the page.

The refresh or reload button gets you a new copy of the page from the WWW. You can use this for pages that update regularly.

The home button will take you back to a page you have pre-selected to be your start up page.

Documents you will find on the Internet differentiated by a unique address, which referred to as a URL that stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

Take note: 'The web' is not 'the Internet'.